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Tektronix AFG3022C Arbitrary Waveform Generator 25MHz

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Product Image
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tektronix functiegenerator
Maximum Frequency = 25MHz
Minimum Frequency = 1 μHz
Maximum Frequency Triangle Ramps = 500kHz
Minimum Frequency Triangle Ramps = 1µHz
Maximum Sampling Frequency = 250Msps
Resolution = 12 Digit
Pulse Resolution = 4Digit
Maximum Pulse Width = 999.99s
Minimum Pulse Width = 16ns
Arbitrary Waveforms = Yes
Data Entry = Keyboard

Quick-start user manual, power cord, USB cable, CD-ROM with specifications and performance verification manual, programmer manual, service manual, LabView and IVI drivers, CD-ROM with ArbExpress software, NIST-traceable calibration certificate. Tektronix AFG3000C Series. Tektronix introduced the AFG3000C series with the aim of creating the broadest and most complete range of arbitrary/function generators in the industry. Customers can choose AFG3000C models with bandwidths from 10MHz to 240MHz, sample rates up to 2GS/s and amplitudes up to 20Vp-p. This makes for high performance capabilities across a broad range of applications and budgets. All models in the AFG3000C series have large TFT LCD colour displays for enhanced viewing of waveform parameters and wave shapes. The AFG3000C models with two outputs provide functionality equivalent to that of two signal generators, with the added benefit that signals can be synchronised easily across the two outputs. All models are supplied with ArbExpress software. This PC software enables waveforms to be imported seamlessly from any Tektronix oscilloscope or be defined by standard functions, equation editors and waveform math. The dual-channel models save money and bench space by serving as two signal generators in one, offering synchronised or independent signals The model choice, up to 2GS/s sample rate, enables waveforms with fine tuning resolution to be generated The model choice, up to 20Vp-p, enables high amplitude signals to be created without using an external power amplifier All models have 25 shortcut keys which reduce set-up and evaluation time by giving direct access to frequently used functions and parameters The 5.6 inch (142mm) colour display gives confidence in signals because all relevant settings and waveform graphs can be seen in a single glance The instrument depth of 6.6 inches (168mm) frees up bench space Tektronix ArbExpress software is included
Andere zoekwoorden: functiegenerator, 7742966, Test & Measurement, Signal Generators & Analysers, Waveform Generators, Tektronix, AFG3022C
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