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Straight 50Ω Coax Adapter Type F Plug to Coaxial Socket 1GHz

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Product Image
Product Image
     RS Pro
Adapter F-stekker
F-aansluiting adapter
F-stekker adapter
Adapter Type = F Plug to Coaxial Socket
Adapter Type A = Type F
Adapter Type B = Coaxial
Gender A = Male
Gender B = Female
Impedance = 50Ω
Body Orientation = Straight
Operating Frequency = 1GHz
Body Plating = Nickel
Contact Material = Copper Alloy

Cable centre acts as pin. RS PRO coaxial adapters. From RS PRO comes a range high quality and great value f series coaxial adapters, these coaxial type adapters have been designed to provide a effective method of connecting coaxial cable assemblies through a panel mounting connection. Manufactured out of industry standard components, these connectors are most commonly used for connecting radio and television broadcast equipment. Features and benefits. ;ul> ;li>Impedance of 50 ohms ;/li> ;li>Operating frequency of 1 GHz ;/li> ;li>Straight shaped body ;/li> ;li>Nickel body ;/li> ;li>Copper Alloy contact material ;/li> ;li>UHF Plug to BNC Socket ;/li> ;/ul>. Applications. Coaxial adapters are used in a variety of RF (radio frequency) signal applications as well in medical and test equipment. Other applications include; ;ul> ;li>Test and measurement ;/li> ;li>Communication systems ;/li> ;li>GPS equipment ;/li> ;li>Antennas ;/li> ;li>Wi-fi equipment ;/li> ;li>Aerospace ;/li> ;li>Broadcast ;/li> ;li>Audio and video ;/li> ;/ul>. What is impedance?. Impedance is an electric current ‘s opposition being measured when the voltage has been applied. Why choose RS PRO?. RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.
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