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KEMET Paper Capacitor 1nF 250V ac ±20% Tolerance PME271Y Through Hole +100°C

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Product Image
Product Image
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Passive Components
Paper Capacitors
Capacitance = 1000pF
Tolerance = ±20%
Voltage = 250 V ac
Suppression Class = Y2
Tolerance Minus = -20%
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Dimensions = 13.5 x 3.9 x 7.5mm
Lead Pitch = 10.2mm
Lead Diameter = 0.6mm
Depth = 3.9mm
Length = 13.5mm
Height = 7.5mm
Length = 13.5mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +100°C
Tolerance Minus = -20%

EN132400, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, FIMKO, VDE, SEV, OVE, IMQ, UL. Capacitors are designed for connecting directly across a mains supply but should NOT be used in positions where failure of a capacitor would expose anybody to electric shock. PME 271Y Series. The PME271Y Series is a self-healing multi-layering metallised paper class Y suppression capacitors. Constructed using epoxy impregnated metallised paper and encased in epoxy resin. This ensures active and passive flame retardant properties combined with excellent stability and reliability especially in applications which require continuous operation. Typical applications include worldwide use as electromagnetic interference suppressor in all Y2 applications, line-to-earth. Features and Benefits: Internationally approved Rated voltage 250 V ac 50/60 Hz Capacitance range 0.001 – 0.1 μF Lead spacing 10.2 mm to 25.4 mm Capacitance tolerance: ±20% Climatic category 40/100/56/B, IEC 60068–1 Tape and reel packaging in accordance with IEC 60286–2 RoHS Compliant and lead-free terminations Operating temperature range of −40˚C to +100˚C 100% screening factory test at 3000 V dc Highest possible safety regarding active and passive flammability Excellent self-healing properties ensure long life even when subjected to frequent over-voltages Good resistance to ionisation due to impregnated dielectric High dV/dt capability
Andere zoekwoorden: KEMET, PME271Y410MR30
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